Customization Offers an Unprecedented Ease of Living

By 2025, over 478 million smart homes are expected worldwide. For many, this growing trend is all about creating a home that makes their life easier, reduces energy usage, and keeps them safe. Knowing they can access their home’s system and manage it from anywhere also helps them feel in control of the things that matter the most: their family’s security and their assets.

As the market grows, so do the options in home automation control. For those with luxury estates, many turn to Crestron or Savant for their smart home needs. Let’s look at the features these brands offer luxury homeowners in Lakeway, TX.

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A large estate requires scalability and personalized functions. Some prefer a whole-home audio system throughout their estate, while others are more focused on their home’s security. Crestron and Savant enable solutions designed for a client’s unique lifestyle. In fact, these smart home systems integrate with just about every electronic device, ensuring seamless control.

Some examples of personalization include pressing a button that causes a Christopher Wool painting to rise, revealing a 4K UHD TV on an extended arm for the perfect viewing angle. Other options include keypads built into a bed frame that control lighting, temperature, and whole-home audio and video. And an off button that puts everything – except the security – to sleep for the evening. Today’s estate automation is virtually limitless.

Fine Art and Furnishings

If you’re a fine art collector, controlling humidity and temperature levels throughout the home is key to preserving your collection. For example, canvas tightens in dry air and loosens in humid air, resulting in sagging.

Savant and Crestron home automation systems can be programmed for multiple zones in extensive HVAC systems. Should the humidity or temperature levels drop or rise out of the preferred range, you’ll also receive a notification.

A Healthy Environment

A healthy home environment helps you sleep better and energizes you during the day. In addition, it affects your mood, influencing almost every aspect of your well-being.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors. Unfortunately, pollutants build up in these environments and can be up to five times higher than in outdoor areas.

Today’s home automation systems incorporate smart air purifiers that keep the air clean while providing you with notifications on changing air conditions. For example, if smells build up in the kitchen or bathroom, you can deodorize with one touch of a button and remotely turn on the fan.

Smart lighting technology, also known as circadian lighting, simulates natural daylight and changes throughout the day. This type of human-centric lighting helps stimulate you during the day and relax you toward nightfall.

Blackout curtains that lower when it’s time for bed, whole-home audio that lulls you to sleep with the sounds of nature, and pre-set temperature levels all help you get the good night’s sleep so important to a healthy lifestyle.

Easy to Manage

The best news is that you don’t need an IT degree to control the many functions and features found in these smart homes. Controlling your smart home requires just one tap on a user-friendly interface. No matter how large your estate, you can manage it from an intuitive touchscreen panel, custom engraved keypad, tablet, or smartphone.

At Service Tech, we’re committed to providing smart home solutions that truly change our clients’ lives. To learn more about smart home automation or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Service Tech today.