Create the Perfect Illumination Personalized to Your Lifestyle and The Season

Traditionally, lighting has been used for utilitarian purposes, like guiding your way in the dark or supplementing security and surveillance systems. While these applications are essential, the illumination in your West Lake Hills, TX home can be transformative.

Tunable lighting has the power to improve your general well-being and enhance the environment you live in. With the touch of a button, create scenes that set the mood or build ambiance, indoors or out. Just as your whole-home audio inspires and lifts your spirits throughout the house, lighting can also add a bit of the whimsical to your holiday season.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your luxury home? Then continue reading below to learn more.

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Be Festive with Color

When you enter a room, it is the lighting that impacts you; it shapes how you see the architecture, décor, and artwork. The brightness, hue, intensity, and colors are taken in by your subconscious, influencing how you perceive the spaces around you. Standard lighting does not have the vibrancy or flexibility to transform your home from daily living to holiday celebrations.

With smart lighting control, the possibilities are endless; with a few taps on your touch screen, add shine and shimmer to the holiday decorations with loops of red and green. Add a little creative flair and make the system serve dual duty, set the exterior lights to cheer on your team with silver and blue while still providing ample illumination to guide your guests to the door.

In addition, using modern LED fixtures means you do not have to worry about fading or burning. Tunable lighting is renowned for its reliability and durability, and the superior optics look as good years from now as they did when first installed.


Celebrate the Season with Balance

All the excitement and merriment of the season can upset your normal sleeping patterns, and the shorter daylight hours are known to mute the joy a bit. Getting you and your family back on balance is a hallmark of human-centric lighting.

The lighting system does more than add design and decorative highlights. By following the sun’s natural cycle, your system will automatically manage your sense of vitality and vigor throughout the day. The circadian rhythm system promotes focus as you work and stimulates your brain for sleep readiness in the evening with warm subtle hues. Intelligent illumination prepares you for the day ahead and inspires your creativity now and throughout the year.


Make Your Home Brighter

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