Your Home Will Shine in a Beautiful Way with Top Performing Products

Your estate doesn’t need to remain in the dark because the sun goes down. With high-performing products made to withstand whatever the weather has to offer, you can illuminate your home and courtyard spaces automatically according to the time of day or with the press of a button on a smart device. You can be in control of your Lakeway, TX home’s exterior lighting with a simple tap of your finger!

Keep reading below to learn why incorporating exterior lighting is a must for any Central Texas property.

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Enhance Curb Appeal

Architectural features of your Lakeway home and meticulously planned landscaping details are showcased with expertly installed exterior lighting. Direct lighting on beautiful trees or archways; bath your pool and hot tub in fun lights that increase safety and make swimming in the dark more fun. The Service Tech team works with the powerhouse brand Coastal Source because we trust their solid brass construction that won’t rust or corrode over time.

Bullet lights are an elegant and flexible lighting solution for your outdoor entertaining spaces. You can use them as uplights and downlights, for tight spots or wide expanses of the yard, or with a variety of risers or wall mounts so they adapt to fit the application perfectly. Pair bullet lights with micro niche lights, in-tree lights, and path lights so your Austin-area backyard is swathed in lighting that not only looks great but illuminates the areas and pathways for family and guest hangouts.


Safety & Security

No one wants to bathe their backyard in the light of a bright spotlight, so that’s why expert installation from a trained professional is necessary. Our team will assess your outdoor space and ask you questions about your needs. If you want to entertain by the pool safely, then lip lights placed under railings or step lights can add a layer of protection, so trips and falls are a nonissue.

If you want to sit near your garden area to relax in the evenings, then pathway lights can brighten the walkway without detracting from the beautiful starscape above your property. Adding lighting to your property also deters potential thieves, as many break-ins are crimes of opportunity. A dark property is a preferred target compared to your well-lit estate.


Now is the perfect time to begin preparing your Lakeway home for year-round enjoyment! Connect with us with this form or chat with us at the bottom of your browser to start a conversation about your lighting needs.