Service Tech Wants to Improve Your Home Entertainment Experience

As the days get shorter and the holidays grow near, it’s the perfect time of year to find new and exciting things to do inside of your Lakeway, TX home theater or media room. Sure, watching the latest movie release is the number one activity that the entire family can enjoy – but there’s more to do than just that!

Read on below to learn three different ways to enjoy your custom home theater that you may not have considered yet.

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Gaming in Style

Fire up the Xbox or PlayStation and put on your headset. With a custom home theater, you can bring the immersive sound and video experience of your favorite movies to your gaming experiences. 

For the best gaming experience, choosing a large, high-definition TV display or projection screen and projector combination is a priority, of course. Still, other important criteria include response time, refresh rate, and contrast.

Slow, high response times create lag, or a slow response between the time the controller button is pressed, and the desired action occurs on the screen. Faster, low response times reduce this lag and offer a real-time response on the screen. Blurry fast-moving images, such as villains attacking you or go-karts racing on a track, are the result of a low refresh rate. Poor contrast leads to missing opponents hiding among the shadows, causing you to lose a critical mission. 


Sports Arena

If you missed out on season tickets to the Longhorn games this season, but you can always watch the game at home. With luxurious fabrics and tiered seating in your Lakeway home’s personal cinema space, why not invite all of your family and friends over to watch the action? 

Many of the same projector and TV settings that are great for gaming, such as higher refresh rates and low latency, are crucial for watching sports as well. Plus, experiencing every play in surround sound is as close as you can get to feeling like you’re among the fans at DKR -Texas Memorial Stadium. One press of your smart remote will prepare the room with the perfect lighting and AV – just bring your favorite beverages and snacks!


Netflix Binge-a-Thon

HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon all regularly release fantastic original TV series, so we understand if you’ve had a difficult time picking your next binge-worthy show to watch. If you’re looking for a mystery show that leaves you scratching your head in suspense with each episode, we suggest Only Murders in the Building on Hulu with Martin Short and Steve Martin. For something a tad more wholesome that the entire family can enjoy, The Great British Bake Off on Netflix will inspire you with delicious recipes and feel-good comedy. 

By utilizing audio/video distribution technology, you can take the show wherever you want inside your Central Texas home. Start your binge-a-thon in the cinema space, press pause, then pick up where you left off so you can start working on dinner in the kitchen. Can’t stop watching? A few more taps and you’ll be able to finish the series from the comfort of your bedroom. Home entertainment has never been this convenient!


Bring entertainment that the entire family can enjoy to your custom home theater in the Lakeway area! Connect with us by chatting at the bottom of your screen or using our online contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you.