Let Service Tech Take You on a Journey to Superior Lighting Design and Control

Showing off your Austin-area home is an exciting aspect of being a homeowner. Highlighting arches, pathways, entertainment areas, and landscaping is all possible with a perfectly executed architectural lighting design.

From inside and out, Service Tech customizes home lighting designs that not only make your Texas property look great but you’ll feel better, too. Keep reading to learn how an expert lighting setup team can change the way you see and experience daily life – scroll below!

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Lighting That Complements Your Lifestyle

Whether it’s task lighting placed in vital areas of your home office and kitchen, or accent lighting in the media room that showcases your favorite team’s colors – burnt orange, of course – lighting can add sophistication, safety, and ambiance to every space. Lighting designers consider how lighting makes you feel, and they design a combination of fixtures, bulbs, wiring, placement, and control that makes your Austinite lifestyle simpler and more beautiful.

Outdoor Lighting

Guests will be awestruck when they visit your property in the evenings. Outdoor lighting is a great way to boost your curb appeal. Uplights showcase large Texas Oaks throughout the yard, pathway lights let guests traverse your property safely, sconces highlight architectural details of your estate, and colorful pool lights make the next summertime hangout more fun than ever.

Smart LED Bulbs

LED bulbs still get a bad rap due to their previous iterations. Homeowners often lean toward hot, energy-wasting incandescent and CFL bulbs for the sake of attaining a candlelight glow. Decades ago, LED bulbs were known for making a room feel stark and institution-like. Luckily, modern smart LED bulbs from brands like Lutron and Ketra offer superior performance and color temperature options.

In the mornings, blanket your bedroom in soft white light reminiscent of the sun’s rays. As the day progresses, lights shift automatically to a brighter, bluer-hued white light that energizes you and helps you avoid the midday blahs. As the sun begins to set outside, your interior lights will dim and adjust to a warm, orange glow. This light has blue tones removed, so your brain receives a signal that it’s time to wind down and prepare for bedtime. This type of circadian lighting has dramatically transformed luxury homes in the Austin area and beyond!

Your Lighting Design Partner

Service Tech is your lighting design partner every step of the way throughout your project! Chat with us below, or connect with us here to start a conversation about your upcoming lighting project. We can’t wait to hear from you!