Upgrade your home’s lighting system with the company’s premier wireless system

After the Lutron Radio RA2 system launch, homeowners considered it an integral part of their smart homes. But as technology advanced, Lutron put forth another improved model in the same series: Radio RA3. The simplified software and enhanced design options offer a more versatile and beautiful lighting control solution for homeowners in Austin, TX. If you’re not sure whether or not Lutron Radio RA3 is the right choice for your smart home, read on to learn all its benefits.

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What is the Radio RA3 System?

The Radio RA3 system is a Lutron lighting control system that wirelessly connects all the shades, fixtures, sensors and controls in your home. Through its brand new all-in-one processor and Quick-Find software it’s much easier to find and configure devices during installation. And with the ability to combine two RA 3 processors in a single system, you’ll be able to integrate over 400 devices in your home.

The RadioRa3 system lets homeowners take advantage of all of Lutron’s innovative technology. This includes Pro LED+ Advanced dimming technology, Clear Connect RF control for uninterrupted wireless communication, and best-in-class motorized shades featuring durable fabrics and whisper-quiet movement.

How Does the Radio RA3 Benefits Smart Homes?

The Radio RA3 system offers complete lighting control and allows you greater flexibility on how you manage the fixtures throughout your home. Perhaps the biggest addition is the introduction of the contemporary light bar design that makes it easy to find switches, dimmers and keypads.

The brightness level is easy to adjust based on your user preference and can even be turned off in rooms that require complete darkness. You only need to swipe the wall-mounted control panel to dim the lights or turn them off completely.

In addition, RA3 brings about even more keypad colors and finishes for design-minded homeowners. In all, there are 24 finishes to choose from available in satin, glosse and staintless steel models. Colors range from standard black and white to cobblestone, truffle, and expresso.

The best part is that the Radio RA3 system is compatible with a wide range of smart home devices, making that 400 device limit a huge asset for luxury smart homes. Among the certified partners that can be seamlessly integrated into the system are Crestron, Control4, Josh.ai, and Sonos.

Upgrading to Radio RA3

Are you considering upgrading your lighting control system to Lutron Radio RA3? A Lutron dealer can help you integrate the lighting system into your home.

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