Service Tech Offers Online Tutorial Videos for Austin Homeowners

Service Tech walks Austin, TX homeowners through every detail of their audio/video, lighting, or home automation project from start to finish. We not only hand over design-build documentation and software information at the end of every project, but we provide in-depth instruction to clients, so they understand how to manage and operate their systems.

Savant home automation brings luxury living experiences to your fingertips. Its intuitive interface is simple enough for anyone in your home to use – even houseguests using your keypads or touch panels for the first time. But sometimes, you forget or want to dig deeper into what your smart home system can do for you and your family. We’ve gathered an entire online video tutorial library for your viewing pleasure!

Keep reading below to learn the answer to a few frequently asked questions and some little-known features of a Savant system.

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How Do I Customize My Savant Pro Remote?

We’re a proud Savant dealer, and before we leave a home automation project, we’ll customize your smart control devices, including your Savant Pro remote. We’ll create unique user-profiles and interfaces, and even add parental controls so everyone in the family can operate the technology. But sometimes a homeowner will want to change the interface or create a new interface from scratch. Take a look at this video to learn how to do that!


Can I Control My Streaming Devices?

For Apple TV and other streaming services, you can use your Savant touch panel display to replicate the functionality of a remote. Select which to room you want to watch something in, choose your personalized user interface, and start watching your favorite TV shows and movies. The tutorial video below shows you how it all works!


Any Other Savant Tips & Tricks?

Figuring out which services are currently in use throughout your home or in a particular room is simple with a quick glance, plus a simple finger press can cause quick control options to pop up on the screen for easier volume management and climate control. This video covers a few more frequently asked questions – view it below.

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