Enjoy Beauty, Ease of Living, and the Perfect Environment with Lutron Lighting

Lutron began some 60 years ago when its founder invented the first solid-state dimmer. Since then, this technology-centered company has advanced automated lighting while maintaining the top position in the market. Their products and light controls are found in well-known buildings like the White House, Windsor Castle, and the Guggenheim Museum.

Lutron lighting controls are also found in homes throughout Austin, TX. Let’s explore their features and why they’ve remained at the pinnacle of their industry for all this time.

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The Combined Power of Beauty & Strength

How we controlled our lighting remained relatively constant until Lutron and the advent of smart lighting. Now, with one touch of an elegant in-wall keypad, our lights transform throughout our homes, creating the perfect setting for a particular event or mood. These custom-engraved keypads reflect your lifestyle and daily activities. For example, for some homeowners, we program buttons that read ‘Natural,’ ‘Sanctuary,’ and ‘Entertain.’

When pressed, they set the lighting for each event. ‘Natural’ changes the lighting to mimic the color of daylight. Now, you wake to lights the color of the rising sun and watch them adjust to brighter blue-toned hues midday. As evening approaches, they take on a soft, warm amber glow. This lighting aligns with our internal clock, which responds to light and darkness, helping us stay alert and focused during the day and relaxed in the evening.

Lutron’s high-performance LED lights also allow access to every color of light imaginable. This enables you to use your lighting like paint, adding washes of various hues and intensities with one touch. For instance, when you tap the ‘Sanctuary’ button, the lighting throughout your home transforms to the colors that bring peace, such as lavender, jade, indigo, and azure. 

Automated Scheduling

Lutron offers one-touch control of one or every light in your home and can anticipate your needs, setting your lights based on preprogrammed schedules or time of day. For example, pull into the driveway after dark, and the entryway and kitchen lights illuminate to welcome you home. 

Lutron’s control systems also integrate motorized window treatments and climate, allowing you to create the perfect environment seamlessly. Pull up your smartphone app when you’re away and adjust the temperature and lights so that your home is prepared for you when you return. 

As a Lutron Black Diamond Dealer for three years in a row, our team at Service Tech has extensive experience in Lutron integration. We specialize in personalizing our clients’ environments, creating lighting that sets their desired mood while enhancing their home’s aesthetics. To learn about the many features of Lutron lighting or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Service Tech today.