Creating Breathtaking Holiday Lighting Designs with Smart Lighting Control

The season of gathering with family and friends and giving thanks is upon us. No matter your holiday traditions, lighting plays a significant part. From outdoor lighting displays to festive indoor lighting design and lights that set the mood for dining and entertainment, it’s one of the aspects that can take your holiday home design from beautiful to breathtaking. 

But who wants to create the lighting scenes every year and go from room to room, setting the stage for the varying celebrations? The good news is that, with smart lighting control, you don’t have to. These systems offer one-touch control on elegant in-wall keypads and touchscreens. Even better? You can change the color of your lights with one touch of a button.

Let’s explore the options and why homeowners in Austin, TX, turn to Service Tech for their innovative lighting during the holidays and throughout the year.

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The Magnificent Outdoor Lighting Display

Some homeowners truly enjoy decorating for the holidays. On Halloween, you’ll see their homes lit in purple, orange, and black, while Thanksgiving gives way to fall colors. When Christmas arrives, every eave, shrub, and tree is laced with lights that twinkle and glow. While beautiful, it’s an incredible amount of work.

At Service Tech, we help our clients prepare for the holidays well in advance. In fact, they’re ready with the tap of a button, whether celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukkah. The trick is installing the latest LED full-spectrum lighting. These lights transform to every color of light in the visible light spectrum, over 16 million different colors, and all from one source. Our certified technicians program these lights to set the stage for every occasion.

For example, tap the “Thanksgiving” button or icon, and your beautiful lighting design settles into the perfect holiday glow. Plants, trees, water features, pathways, patios, and your home’s best architectural features are lit with the season’s colors. LED smart strips and string lights can bring more holiday cheer and even sync to holiday tunes.

Indoor Lighting Design for Holidays and Entertaining

At Service Tech, we partner with leading home automation and lighting brands. One of those, Lutron’s Ketra dynamic spectrum lighting, offers indoor lighting that transforms into almost limitless colors. When integrated with your smart home automation platform, we can program scenes that control multiple systems simultaneously. 

Tap the “Christmas Entertainment” button, and certain lights in your home illuminate to varying hues of red and green, highlighting decorations and artwork or creating a soft wash of light under kitchen cabinets and steps and along window sills and baseboards. The lights in your dining area illuminate to the soft glow of candlelight while your “Holiday” playlist streams through your home and outdoor spaces.

With Lutron lighting control, you can manage every light in your home effortlessly, including decorative table lamps and Christmas tree lights, programming them to turn on and off at set times. At Service Tech, we specialize in customized smart lighting control, motorized shades, and high-performance audio-visual systems. To learn more about smart lighting control or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Service Tech today.