Modern living area with a flat-screen TV, view of the city, and LED-colored lights highlighting columns and the ceiling.

Choose from Over 1 million Colors with LED Full-Spectrum Lighting

Creating Breathtaking Holiday Lighting Designs with Smart Lighting Control

The season of gathering with family and friends and giving thanks is upon us. No matter your holiday traditions, lighting plays a significant part. From outdoor lighting displays to festive indoor lighting design and lights that set the mood for dining and entertainment, it’s one of the aspects that can take your holiday home design from beautiful to breathtaking. 

But who wants to create the lighting scenes every year and go from room to room, setting the stage for the varying celebrations? The good news is that, with smart lighting control, you don’t have to. These systems offer one-touch control on elegant in-wall keypads and touchscreens. Even better? You can change the color of your lights with one touch of a button.

Let’s explore the options and why homeowners in Austin, TX, turn to Service Tech for their innovative lighting during the holidays and throughout the year.

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