Make your home more secure, convenient, and comfortable with smart lighting

Our primary goal when installing smart home technology in luxury homes is to give homeowners greater comfort and convenience. No one solution–in our experience–has a greater, more immediate impact than lighting control 

A smart lighting system not only illuminates your home in a pragmatic sense but it also boosts your mood, enhances your security and adds a vital spark to your decor. Read on to discover the undeniable benefits of having an advanced lighting system at your home in Austin, TX.

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Customize Scenes for Any Activity 

One of the main benefits of having a smart lighting system is that it allows you to easily adjust the brightness and hue according to your preferences.

Whether you’re throwing a party, want to relax, or plan on cooking, lighting plays a key role in all settings. With custom scenes, you can save your favorite settings and pull them up at the press of a button to set the stage for your activity. 

When you have guests over, you can brighten up your home with different colors to get everyone in the party mood. But when you want to relax, simply dim the lights with warm orange glows, and you’re good to go. For cooking and other household tasks, you can use white light for clear illumination and greater focus. 

Boosts Home Security and Safety

Lighting systems are vital to home security and safety, especially for outdoor spaces. When your yard is dark, it gives an open invitation to trespassers and thieves. But when you have a smart lighting system, it will deter anyone with criminal intent from entering your home. Schedule lights to come on as soon as the sun sets so your home is never in the dark. 

When you have a long trip planned, take advantage of ‘Away scenes’ that switch lights on and off to make it seem as if you’re home—dissuading intruders from targeting an empty home. 

Offers a Wide Range of Control Options

One of the best things about advanced lighting systems is that they offer multiple control options, allowing you to pick one that is most convenient for you.

Typically, you can control the lighting system using wall-mounted keypads and dimmers with a contemporary design that blends seamlessly with the home décor. Other options include remotes, touchpads, and even mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

Live a luxury lifestyle with lighting control technology. Service Tech can help you integrate a tailormade smart lighting system into your home. We work with the top lighting brands, such as Lutron, to ensure your home stays comfortable, convenient, and secure at all times. Start your project today by calling us at (512) 456-2800 or filling out our contact form.