Discover the unexpected luxury of installing a traditional yet modern window treatment.

Smart blinds and shades are capable of much more than keeping sunlight at bay and adding convenience to your daily life. If you’re interested in elevating the look of your Austin, TX, home, you’ve come to the right place. 

Automated window treatments continue to take the home automation world by storm. Keep reading to discover how smart blinds and shades can turn your space into a place of comfort and convenience while remaining visually appealing. 

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A Beautiful and Functional Upgrade

There’s no denying that smart blinds and shades boast undeniable benefits, such as reduced energy bills and added privacy. However, they also have the potential to completely change the appearance of every aspect of your home. 

Automatic window treatments manage to remain technologically advanced without appearing technical or heavy within a living space. Clients can choose from various sizes and colors, and the Service Tech installation process ensures a quiet, nearly unnoticeable motor. 

You’ll notice a stark difference in your home’s lighting and overall ambiance from the moment your smart blind installation is complete. The exterior of your home will not go unaffected, as solid, sturdy, and beautifully designed blinds that move in unison add a hint of luxury and amp up curb appeal. 

A New Take on Interior Lighting

Blinds and shades are an incredibly versatile and easy-to-adjust window coverings, which is why they appeal to many of our clients. Our smart blind technology offers new perspectives on interior lighting, allowing our clients to let as much or as little light inside as and when they choose. 

You can use the location of your home to your advantage, turning off lights at certain times of the day to reap the benefits of natural light. smart blinds and shades can easily integrate with your home lighting system, helping you create the energy-efficient atmosphere of your dreams. 

Clean, Subtle, and Efficient

Smart blinds and shades are a subtle home automation upgrade that intends to make your life more convenient while heightening the look of your space in the process. Automated blinds and shades offer even, symmetrical appearances throughout your home, and work well in rooms of any size. 

Though the aesthetics of these window treatments are appealing, it’s the energy efficiency and insane amount of convenience that smart blinds and shades offer that continue to make them such an attractive choice for consumers everywhere. 

Choose Automated Window Treatments with Service Tech Today

The professional team at Service Tech can help you choose the perfect smart blinds and shades for your home. From installation to the minimal maintenance required, we’re there every step of the way. 

We’ll integrate the necessary software to encourage your blinds to work seamlessly with the rest of your home, ensuring you get the most out of your new window treatments. Contact us today to discuss the next steps!