Bring the Perfect Amount of Shade to the Outdoor Spaces in Your Home

If you have yet to consider outdoor automatic shades for your Austin, TX, home, let us bring you up to speed! Motorized shades can easily extend to the outside of your home in conjunction with indoor window treatments, creating a private, pulled-together aesthetic. 

Automatic outdoor shades are an exciting smart home upgrade for many homeowners, but they harbor perks other than good looks. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about how automatic shades outside your home can ultimately elevate your space. 

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Provide Shade

First and foremost—and possibly the most apparent benefit—outdoor shades provide, well, shade. You can reduce your exposure to sunlight when you are on your patio, balcony, or deck. Outdoor shading can also amp up the comfort inside your home, lowering the interior temperature in certain locations and creating energy efficiency. 

You can utilize outdoor shades on their own or in addition to inside automatic window treatments. The Service Tech team will gladly discuss ways to optimize their use for your home, adding heightened levels of comfort and luxury. 

Extend Your Space

Outdoor shades can increase the usable square footage of your home, which is perfect for everyone, especially families who love to entertain. Even during the cooler months, shaded outdoor areas will reduce heat loss and provide warmth and a place for guests to gather outside the living room or kitchen. 

When those famous Texas summers roll around, you can still hang out outdoors, enjoying the weather without facing UV rays or the heat of the late afternoon sun. Many people avoid outdoor areas when it gets too hot or cold, completely cutting off places in their homes that can exist as extended living spaces. 

Easy Usage

You’ll be able to control your motorized shades with a smartphone app or remote control, making them an incredibly appealing option. They require zero manual effort, bringing convenience and comfort to your home automation system. They’re a perfect option for upgrading your outdoor aesthetics. 

Increase Privacy

Other than acting as a fantastic form of summer preparation, one of the best aspects of outdoor shades is how much additional privacy they create. Not only do they keep your patio completely private, but they can also contribute to privacy inside your home. Depending on where your outdoor shades are installed, you can shield those areas without closing the inside blinds, so you can always keep an eye on kids and pets without standing over them! 

Versatile and Modern

There’s no doubt that homes are becoming more and more modern. Home automation is readily accessible to everyone, and smart outdoor shades are an excellent option. They’re classic yet contemporary, allowing you to make the most of your space in a visually pleasing way. 

Outdoor automatic shades are an excellent way to ensure you never become bored with your outdoor space. Contact Service Tech today to learn more about automated shades and how they can completely change how you use your home.