Service Tech Crafts Customized Living Experiences in Central Texas

Spending time at home doesn’t need to be boring! By working with a professional home automation company like Service Tech, homeowners in the Austin area can transform their daily routines and entertainment experiences with the tap of a button or with a preset schedule, all thanks to innovative technologies.

Tech doesn’t need to be overwhelming, either. With our seasoned expertise, your smart home control systems can blend seamlessly into your Texas property’s existing design and decor and can even hide in plain sight if you’d like. Read below to discover what’s possible when you incorporate home automation and total home control.

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The Perfect Movie Marathon

Step into your home theater or media room to experience truly immersive entertainment. With a home automation system controlling your smart devices, one tap of a finger can make the entire space respond. Shades lower to reduce glare, lights dim to the ideal setting, and the AV system fires up. Sports, video games, TV shows, and movies are all available thanks to distributed AV technology. Your media sources are housed in an AV rack and our team coordinates every component to work together in one comprehensive system. All you need to do is select something to watch!

Convenient Daily Routines

Think about the actions you take every day within your home. Turning on lights, turning them off, adjusting the shades, tuning into a news station, turning on the patio light…the list goes on! Imagine these tasks occurring on-demand whenever you need them to happen or on their own according to your own designated schedule. Our team will ask you several questions regarding your daily lifestyle when we first meet. Then we’ll recommend specific smart home solutions that can make your life simpler and more convenient.

For instance, you could press the “Good Morning” smart scene button on a beautiful custom-etched wall keypad that complements your decor. Ketra lighting turns on and mimics the glow of a sunrise, your in-ceiling speakers begin playing your preferred news station or streaming playlist, and your automated shades rise to let in warm natural light. Outdoors, landscape lighting turns on automatically at dusk for safety and curb appeal, then off at sunrise to reduce energy waste. All of this – and more – is possible when you partner with a home automation company. 

Special Events

Of course, simplifying daily routines and streamlining your AV system is exciting for you and your family, but home automation and control can also benefit your guests. Improve your next friendly gathering with a “Game Time” smart scene that adjusts indoor and outdoor lighting to the perfect combination of white and burnt orange (or whatever colors match your home team if you’re not a UT fan). Music or the game broadcast plays across the yard on outdoor speakers, and exterior shades raise or lower to the perfect setting for privacy and sun protection. If you can think of it, our team can make it come true for your special occasions.

Ready to make smart home living a reality? Connect with our team here to start a conversation about your project ideas. We can’t wait to hear from you.