A Home Theater Installation Is the Perfect Way to Spice Up Your Home

Media rooms and home theaters are perhaps the most highly specialized spaces in any smart home and shouldn’t be a DIY project. In all likelihood, they will also be the room where luxury shines through the most. From lighting and smart shades to state-of-the-art audio and video equipment, multiple technology systems must be integrated and automated for a true cinematic experience at home.

At Service Tech, we offer industry-leading home theater design, installation, and automation to our clients in Austin, TX. Through our exclusive brand partnerships, unparalleled expertise, and a reputation built around innovation, we will turn your next home theater into a Hollywood-worthy space.

Here are the top reasons why hiring a professional designer to help with your new home theater is a sound investment.

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We’ve Got the Top Brands and Know-How

Why hire a professional in the first place? How about because we have the expertise to ensure that your home theater is designed and installed correctly? From Sony ES Ultra HD TVs and projectors to hi-fi surround sound speakers and amplifiers, every smart device must be installed and programmed beforehand for optimal performance and a seamless viewing experience. For example, when installing speakers, the drivers should be optimized to distribute sound evenly across a room, and the speakers themselves should be strategically positioned for truly immersive surround sound.

We will help you determine which products and configurations work best for your space. Is there limited room available? No problem, we can opt for a motorized projector screen and ceiling-mounted projector that can disappear at the tap of your smartphone. From plush chairs to Lutron smart lights and motorized shades, we know what it takes to build an efficient, entertaining, and unforgettable theater at home.

If you are looking for excellence in automation, we recommend integrating a smart Crestron interface into your home theater. By giving you absolute control over all your technology systems, your home cinema can be customized to fit every mood and film you’ll ever watch!

We Save You Time, Money, and Stress

If your home theater is not designed and installed correctly, it can lead to costly, time-consuming repairs and maintenance down the road, so why not hire us to do the job right the first time?

Perhaps most importantly, hiring a professional gives you and your family peace of mind. Our customer service and support teams are second to none, always ready to help in case of an equipment malfunction or critical update. Best of all, we are just a phone call away when you are ready to get started. Contact us today—we can’t wait to hear from you.