Enjoy Stunning, Sleek, and Silent Smart Blinds in Your Home

Saying Texas summers are hot would be quite an understatement, and the summer heat is often enough to drive energy bills through the roof. To keep their luxury homes nice and cool, local homeowners must rely on efficient and cost-effective window treatments. At Service Tech, we partner with Lutron to install, program, and integrate top-of-the-line motorized blinds for our clients in Austin, TX.

But smart blinds offer much more than heat control. If you are considering Lutron blinds for your smart home, here is a brief review of Lutron’s top-selling solutions and what they can do for you.

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Horizontal Sheer Blinds

The Sivoia QS wireless collection includes horizontal sheer blinds, which pair a wide range of designer fabrics with Lutron’s state-of-the-art technology. So, you get sheer layers and fabric vanes that look great, which limit incoming sunlight and heat while still offering a view of the outside but are controlled from your smartphone or remote. What’s there not to like about that? These sheer blinds can be wall or ceiling mounted and come with either two- or three-inch vanes, which operate up to 64 square feet and 100 square feet of fabric, respectively. For a look that blends with your existing decor, Lutron offers the options of fabric-wrapped fascias and cornices on all Lutron sheer blinds.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are another part of the Sivoia family of products, providing privacy and control over how much daylight comes into your home. They are made of basswood and come in different colors, finishes, or decorative tapes in a wide selection of fabrics. But what if you have dozens or hundreds of windows at home? Lutron’s wood blinds include Intelligent Tilt Alignment technology, which aligns the window treatments across multiple windows. Likewise, an Intelligent hembar alignment feature keeps the bottom rails on any moving blinds just an eighth of an inch apart.

The Magic of Automation

To get the most out of your lights and window treatments, they should be managed and automated through the Lutron app. Our experts can help with that, integrating every blind in your home into a comprehensive system that you control from a smartphone or interface. Is it bright outside? Tap on the screen and watch your blinds roll down in perfect unison. Are you an early riser? We will program blinds to rise in the morning just ahead of your alarm.

At Service Tech we have the team to install and integrate all the latest Lutron products. Contact us so we can bring the silent magic of motorized blinds to your smart home.