Bring Home the Future of Lighting Design Today with Lutron’s RadioRA3 Control System

Do you ever stop to wonder what life has in store for you and your smart home? If you do, we’re happy to tell you that the future looks brighter than ever, thanks to Lutron’s latest smart lighting solutions. With a new line of controls and smart switches, and a powerful processor ten years in the making, there has never been a better time to update your lighting control system. And if you are in Austin, TX, we have great news! Service Tech is your local, certified Lutron dealer, offering you and thousands of our clients across the state access to industry-leading lighting design and installation practices.

Read on to learn how Lutron is once again revolutionizing lighting control and how their new line of solutions will take your smart home one step closer to the future.

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The Future Is Here, but Exactly What Is It?

The future of lighting control has a name and a brand: RadioRA3 by Lutron. The revolutionary control system, launched earlier this year, relies on light bars to dim lights with a touch or swipe on switches, keypads, and other IoT devices. Best of all, you can control all of them from the Lutron app! The list of updates and upgrades to Lutron’s previous control system is extraordinary, starting with a new, PoE-powered, all-in-one processor featuring app-based editing features.

Like other PoE devices, the RadioRA3 processor doesn’t need a nearby outlet. It can be centrally placed anywhere in your home and control up to 200 Lutron devices at the touch of a screen! If Lutron is already part of your home, all new products have backward compatibility with previous devices, so you can easily expand your system. 

The advantages of RadioRA3 equipment extend to the installation process. With built-in QuickFind software, our installers will easily locate the processor during installation, saving both you and us valuable time and resources. 

Integrating and Automating the Future!

Lutron is the global leader in lighting control integration, connecting with more brands than any other comparable system. Control interfaces like Control4, Crestron, and Savant, integrate seamlessly with Lutron lights and devices. 

Our professional integrators will manage device counts across your entire system through the installation process, creating floor, room, and sub-room hierarchies for an intuitive design and user experience. Once we’re done, we will conduct any final, on-site refinements in real-time through the Lutron app, taking advantage of yet another new feature in the RadioRA3 line of products. 

If the future sounds like fun, contact us so we can make it brighter and smarter than ever too. We look forward to hearing from you!