Make your home more enjoyable for the entire family with a whole-house AV system

Who wouldn’t dream of a picture-perfect audio-video system that streams flawless visuals and sound without compromising the aesthetics of your home? Well, now you can turn that dream into a reality!

With a whole-home AV system, you can turn your home into an entertainment oasis that the entire family can enjoy whether it’s listening to music, binging Netflix or watching the latest blockbuster. 

Read on to discover how whole-home AV can boost the fun at your home in Austin, TX. 

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Different AV Sources in Different Rooms

Why would you want to limit home entertainment to a single room when you can expand it throughout your entire house for everyone to enjoy? 

Instead of only creating a dedicated home theater for watching movies or a media room for watching sports, turn your entire home into a hub of high-performance AV that lets each member of the house enjoy quality audio and video. 

By creating zones, you can use different sources in different rooms. Imagine watching a movie in the living room while the kids enjoy watching their favorite cartoon in the bedroom. With whole-home AV, you can play different media content in separate zones while keeping the component centralized in a hidden AV closet to avoid clutter. 

An Immersive AV Experience That Follows You Around

The beauty of a whole-home AV system lies in the immersive experience it offers. While on the one hand, you can customize zones to stream different content in rooms; on the other hand, you can also stream the same content throughout the entire house. 

For instance, if you were watching a movie in your bedroom but had to pause it in the middle, you can simply pick up from where you left off in any other room of the house. 

When throwing parties, you can stream music that encapsulates your entire home in high-performance audio. But the best part of all is that all audio components remain hidden behind walls and ceilings, and the video elements become part of the décor, allowing you to conserve the aesthetics of your home. 

Convenient Control Options for a Personalized Experience

An AV system offers a personalized home entertainment experience. Instead of using several remotes to stream your content, use a mobile app or your smart device of choice to find the content you want and choose where you want it to play. 

Through an intuitive interface, you can customize zones, stream AV, and create a personalized media list. 

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