Motorized window treatments offer a wide range of benefits in your home

Smart home technology has made many leaps in the past few years, but one of the most convenient solutions is motorized shades. Depending on the brand and model, your automatic shades can be hardwired or run on batteries, making their operation effortless. With a single press of a button, you can raise or lower the shades according to your needs. 

Read on to discover how motorized window treatments add a layer of luxury, comfort, and elegance to your Austin, TX, home. 

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Maximized Energy Savings throughout the Year

Motorized shades are known for being energy-efficient solutions, and rightly so. Utilizing your shading system in the right way can maximize your energy savings. For starters, simply by tapping an icon on a mobile device, you can raise the shades during the day to let natural sunlight stream into your home. As a result, you don’t need to use all of the lights in your home when the sun is up. Doing so can reduce your energy consumption significantly. 

At the same time, motorized window treatments can also be used to maintain the perfect temperature in your home by blocking or utilizing solar heat. On colder days, the shades remain open, making use of the sun’s warmth. And on hot summer days, the shades block the sun’s heat to help your home stay cool. In doing so, your climate control system takes up less energy to heat or cool, making motorized shades an energy-efficient solution throughout the year. 

Custom Settings Tailored to Your Routine

Here’s a completely touch-free way to enjoy your shades! Pre-set the shading system to function according to your routine, so you don’t even need to lift a finger to operate the window treatments. 

For instance, schedule the shades to rise in the morning when you wake up. This allows you to make your mornings peaceful as you rise to natural sunlight instead of a loud alarm. Similarly, the shades can be programmed to lower in the evening as the sun sets, allowing you to enjoy some private, relaxing time at home. 

Smart, Stylish Designs with Noiseless Operation 

Motorized window treatments keep all the elements of motorization concealed, whether they are wireless or hardwired, so their installation doesn’t impact the aesthetics of your home. If anything, the custom fabrics can seamlessly blend into the décor, making your home appear more stylish. Best of all, the shades have a noiseless operation, so you do not have to deal with the distracting hum of the shades. 

Make automatic shades a part of your luxury home design for added convenience, energy efficiency, and effortless control. Service Tech can customize and install the window treatments for you. Call our experts at (512) 456-2800 for more details, or drop us a message by filling out an easy online contact form.