The Advantages of Hiring an Expert to Install and Integrate Your Motorized Shades

If your smart home in Austin, TX, ever gets too hot or too cold, it may be time to consider investing in motorized shades. There is always the option of store-bought brands and a DIY weekend installation, but this is your home we are talking about. You want the best for you and your family, so why not hire an expert to help?

Our team at Service Tech is the leading Lutron-certified technology integrator in the state, combining the best brands, products, and industry expertise into integrated, whole-home solutions.

Read on to learn how our professional installers will get you the most out of your motorized shades and help you select the best products for your smart home.

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Why Hire an Expert?

There are plenty of reasons to hire an expert when it comes to your smart home. Familiarity with the top industry brands is one of them. By knowing the latest products, systems, and industry trends, we can pick the right shades for your home and install them to perform up to the highest standards. Another reason is the level of customization that comes with a professional design. Lutron, for example, offers hundreds of designer fabrics to choose from. As certified Lutron dealers, we will guide you through the selection process, so your shades match any existing decor.

Did someone say integration? There is no point in purchasing high-end motorized shades unless they work in unison with your other technology systems. Our experts will integrate shades, lights, and smart thermostats into a cohesive, automated system that makes your home more comfortable, energy-efficient, and convenient.

Are you concerned about security next time you leave on vacation? We can automate your shades to work on a schedule or set them to roll up and down at random intervals, creating the impression there is someone at home.

Why Lutron?

Lutron is the industry standard in lighting control and smart window treatments. Whether it is indoor or outdoor shades, their Serena and Triathlon series are two of the most popular lines of products in the market. But if you want top-of-the-line quality and performance, Lutron’s Palladiom Shading System is the creme de la creme of motorized shades. Palladiom shades feature sleek, modern, exposed brackets, come in a variety of designer finishes, and can be customized to fit a variety of window sizes and shapes. They also integrate seamlessly with other Lutron products, such as the Caseta wireless lighting control system and HomeWorks QS.

There is no substitute for hiring an expert to help with your smart home shades. When you are ready to learn more, our experts are just a tap away!