Discover What You Can Do With Stunning Fixtures From Lucifer Lighting and Service Tech

In everything we do, from whole-home lighting designs from the ground up to installing eye-catching lighting fixtures, the Service Tech team has a keen eye. This incredible attention to detail makes our team stand out from competitors in West Lake Hills and the surrounding Central Texas region. 

To discover the finer details of one of our favorite brands in the industry, keep reading below to explore Lucifer Lighting!

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Why Lucifer Lighting Fixtures?

The journey to superior lighting design and precision control is at the core of everything Lucifer Lighting stands for. These innovative fixtures marry science and style together in expertly engineered luminaires featuring contemporary designs that will undoubtedly elevate the look and feel of your Austin-area home.

Highlight with Precision

Flush-mounted lighting fixtures don’t need to be basic. Many of Lucifer Lighting’s fixtures, such as the Fraxion and Atomos luminaires, look like traditional can lights to the untrained eye, but they’re able to adapt to interior design needs quickly and easily. 

Adding a new piece of art or deciding to highlight a different architectural aspect of your home is a breeze. Rotate, tilt, and adjust while the light is on, so you can see the immediate effect of the adjustment. You can make precise changes that are replicable with every other fixture throughout the space. Highlight artwork from above with the flush-mounted Fraxion, Cylinder, and Squilinder (square cylinder) styles. Wash walls with Monopoint and Tracks with minimal profiles that let your home truly shine. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

More Than a Lightbulb

Uniquely engineered proprietary optic systems give homeowners the ultimate control over their home lighting. Advanced Total Internal Reflectance (TIR) ensures beam control is efficient yet low-profile, meaning these fixtures take up less space inside the walls and ceilings they’re installed. This offers incredible versatility for your living spaces, so Lucifer Lighting products work well in new build construction and remodeling projects.

Incandescent Warm Dim and Halogen Warm Dim are dimmable to 0.1%, so you can recreate a candlelight glow or sunset by simply dimming the lights. And with such a wide variety of products to choose from, our team can help you select the perfect combination of lighting fixtures for surface, pendant, and wall-mount applications. Finishes are elegant and range from matte white to cashmere gold to chrome; powder coats to brushed metallics to oil-rubbed bronze! The result is a beautiful, layered lighting design controllable with the tap of a button or according to a preset schedule. You and your guests are left in awe of the results each and every day.

Your Texas Lighting Partner

The Service Tech team has a long history of expertly crafting architectural lighting designs with beautiful fixtures. Make your home look its best while it supports you feeling your best! Connect with us here to start a conversation about the possibilities in your West Lake Hills-area home today.