Extended retractable awning on a luxurious, modern home.

4 Benefits of a Retractable Patio Roof

Enjoy Your Lakeway, TX Patio Rain or Shine with Increased Comfort and Protection

When you’ve carefully designed and furnished a patio space, you want to be able to enjoy it as much as possible. After all, time spent outside is proven to have health benefits. 

But on days when the sun is strong, or rain is falling, you may not be able to enjoy your patio how you’d like. However, if you add a retractable patio roof to your Lakeway, TX home, you’ll be able to enjoy your patio space in any weather and for more months out of the year. 

Is a retractable patio roof necessary, you might ask? Read on to discover four major benefits that occur once you’ve integrated an automated patio roof into your smart home system! 

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What’s It Like to Have a Lutron Lighting System?

Experience Luxury at the Tip of Your Fingers in Your Lakeway-Area Home

Imagine walking into a room and tapping a button to have the entire room respond in seconds. Tap the “Bright” button on a beautiful on-wall keypad in the living room, then watch the roller shades rise, the indoor lamps brighten, and the overhead lights turn on to a bright blue-white hue. You’re instantly prepared to do anything with ease in your Lakeway-area home, thanks to the instant illumination available at your fingertips.

Beyond brightening day-to-day activities, a Lutron lighting system adds innovation, style, and convenience to Texas homeowners’ daily lifestyles. Keep reading below to learn how Lutron – and Service Tech – keep raising the bar on smart home solutions!

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What Can a Lutron Black Diamond Dealer Do for Me?

Change the Way Your Austin-Area Home Looks and Feels with the Power of Lighting!

Lighting, whether it’s artificial LED lighting or natural sunlight, can make or break the aesthetic in your Texas living space. Not enough light can make a room feel cramped or dull; too much light can make an area feel overwhelming or downright unlivable.

As the leading Lutron dealer in the Greater Austin area, Service Tech proudly brings innovative lighting designs and control systems to homes all across the region. Since 2003, we’ve helped our clients achieve beautiful home atmospheres with lighting, AV, and smart automation. Read on below to learn what we can bring to luxury homes just like yours and why we’re a proud Lutron Black Diamond dealer.

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Smart Blinds & Shades Change Your Home from the Inside Out

Stylish Convenience & Comfort Are Only the Tap of a Finger Away 

Adjusting the shades and blinds in your home doesn’t need to be a time-consuming task. If you have a large expanse of windows in your Lakeway-area home, or if you have multiple rooms on different floors that need shades adjusted throughout the day to manage the amount of daylight – and Texas heat – coming through, then automating the task can make your life easier. 

Scroll below to see how smart blinds and shades can transform your interior and exterior spaces! Read more


Learn Why Lutron Is at the Top of The Lighting Game

Brilliant Innovation That Culminates into a Beautiful Home 

Whether you’re baking a cake worthy of a Star Baker prize in The Great British Baking Show in your kitchen or reading the latest bestseller in the living room, the lighting in your house plays a huge part in the look and feel of your home.  

Bright lighting is required when completing intricate tasks in the kitchen, but natural sunlight or brighter artificial light is necessary to read the text on the page easily. With just a tap of a finger on a smart device, you can completely change the lighting based on your needs. 

We’ve written before about the health and safety benefits of Lutron lighting. In this blog, we’ll explain three ways that the incorporation of smart lighting in your West Lake Hills-area home can make life more comfortable and convenient. Keep reading below! Read more

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3 Reasons It’s Time to Try Lighting Control in Your Austin Home

This Trending Feature Benefits Health, Safety, and Wellbeing

When you consider how much time you’ve spent at home lately, it makes sense that you need a space refresh to give you some new scenery. At one time, this is when we just stepped outside to enjoy our pools, patios, and friends. But given our current circumstances with the pandemic and unpredictable winter weather, we are looking indoors for comfort.

Lighting control has that transformative effect you’re looking for in order to see your Austin, TX house in a new way – both inside and out. Though aesthetic reasons urge homeowners to invest, they soon discover so many additional benefits the longer they use it. We’ll walk you through a few of those today, so stay tuned!

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