A residential room lit with blue LED lights.

5 Reasons to Implement a Smart Lighting System in Your Austin Home

The Ketra by Lutron Lighting System Turns any Home into a Luxury.

Though we may not consciously be aware of it, the light in our space directly impacts our mood and productivity. But it’s often difficult to find the right balance of natural and artificial light. With many traditional incandescent bulbs, it’s impossible to customize the brightness and color temperature. A smart home lighting system can change that. Here are four reasons you should add Ketra LED fixtures to your Lutron lighting system in your Austin, TX, home.

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Automate Your Home’s Lighting with the Tap of a Finger

Service Tech Brings Easy Living Solutions to West Lake Hills-Area Properties

The way your home looks and feels can help you feel relaxed at the end of a stressful day, or it can help energize you and put some pep in your step during a family get-together. Without a well-designed lighting plan, your West Lake Hills home could look dull or even make you feel on edge!

As the leading lighting designer in the Austin, TX, region, Service Tech is proud to offer exciting lighting fixtures and home lighting automation to our clients’ homes. With smart lighting control and automation, nearly every fixture in your home is manageable with just a few taps or swipes of your finger on a smart device. Learn more about this innovative technology solution for luxury homes in our blog below!

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Don’t Forget to Turn Off the Lights!

But If You Do Forget, It’s Okay If You Have a Lighting Control System in Your Home

As a kid, did your parents ever get on to you about leaving the lights on? No matter how many times you tried, you could just never remember to switch the light off as you left a room. It happened to the best of us and still would if it weren’t for home lighting control.

Your Lakeway-area home can transform into an energy-efficient one with a lighting system that offers not only one-tap control but incredible comfort and convenience as well. Read on below to learn how incorporating a lighting control system can change the way you spend your day-to-day life at home in Texas!

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