A shot of a patio with a firepit and TV on the right With a marble staircase on the left descending into a well-lit infinity pool.

Enhance Your Patio With Motorized Shades And Fans

Enjoy More Of Your Outdoor Spaces With Products That Create Comfort, Privacy, And Protection

One of the great pleasures of homeownership is opening our living spaces for family and friends to share and bond over food and fun. In Austin, TX, We have the privilege of enjoying the outdoors all year round, and with it comes the opportunity to entertain under the sun and stars in any season.

Extending your home living to the outside provides the benefits of fresh air, a sense of freedom, and health-improving melatonin production, the hormone associated with happiness. Yet, the summer sun does bring the potential for overbearing heat, pests, and eye squinting glare.

Our expert team of installers makes your outdoor space more usable with the combination of patio motorized shades and Big Ass Fans. Are you intrigued to learn more? Continue reading below.

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Motorized Bug Screens Can Do More Than Prevent Bugs

3 Ways Retractable Outdoor Screens Can Improve Your Austin-Area Backyard 

Insects, especially mosquitos, are vectors for various diseases such as West Nile Virus and malaria – plus, they’re a nuisance with their buzzing and itchy bites and stings. In the summer months especially, insects can make spending time outdoors in Texas almost unbearable. 

To make your Austin-area backyard spaces more enjoyable, you can incorporate motorized bug screens. Despite the name, these automated screens do much more than preventing insects from buzzing around you. Scroll on below to learn three ways outdoor screens can improve your lifestyle not only this summer but year-round as well! Read more

Get Ready for Summer Fun – Solar Shades Come to the Rescue!

This Motorized Solution from Service Tech Elevates Your Patio Experience

It’s officially spring, but the Texas heat makes it feel like summer never entirely goes away. As temperatures heat up in the Austin area, it’s important to protect your belongings from the harsh, unrelenting sun. Motorized solar shades, awnings, and retractable roof systems make it possible to enjoy being outdoors without being miserable while also protecting your patio furniture, technology, and family members from damaging UV rays.

At Service Tech, we enjoy extending the comforts of indoor living to our clients’ outdoor spaces. Below are just a few automated outdoor shade and awning options we offer, so keep scrolling below to learn more!

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