Upgraded AV, Room Control, & More Make Your Staff Happier & More Effective 

As increasingly more Texas businesses transition back into the office or adjust to a hybrid remote/in-person work environment, managers and owners need to assess how they operate. 

Outdated videoconferencing tools, a jumble of connection cables, and harsh industrial lighting in the conference room simply will not cut it any longer. Modern offices need modern technology solutions for the sake of productivity, performance, and employee morale. 

From boardrooms to conference halls, Service Tech strives to bring innovative commercial automation solutions to our clients in the greater Austin area. Keep reading below to learn about a few solutions we’re often asked to incorporate into office environments. 

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Teleconferencing has evolved tremendously over the last decade, and it’s dramatically adapted in just the last year alone! Voice-only conference calls are still common, but audio and video play such a vital role in modern business decisions. Nonverbal communication such as a smile or head shake can shift the trajectory of a meeting in mere seconds – often for the better! 

Being able to see your colleagues, either one-on-one or in a Brady Bunch-style grid, adds value to presentations and important meetings. High-performance conferencing solutions like those from Lifesize bring BYOD (bring your own device) functionality to practically any space of your Austin-area office, while high-definition 4K screens, powerful soundbars, and microphones ensure everyone logged into the meeting catches every important detail! Whether you have smaller huddle rooms or executive boardrooms, the Service Tech team can design the perfect setup for your business! 


Lighting & Shades 

Using the power of the sun – for warmth and light – is an energy-efficient way to illuminate your office. Too much sun, though, can unnecessarily heat up a room and cause distracting glares on computer screens and presentation screens. With temperature sensors mounted on windows, your smart shades will automatically lower with stylish fabrics that filter sunlight and reduce heat gain, all while maintaining your beautiful downtown views. 

With smart LED lighting and motorized shading solutions, your office space can transform in seconds. One-tap smart scenes – adjustable with a centrally located room touchscreen or an on-wall keypad – can automatically adjust AV, lighting, and shades to the perfect setting for any occasion. For example, a “Presentation” scene will lower the shades to reduce glare, dim the smart LEDs, and fire up all necessary AV equipment – all the presenter needs to do is connect their device and lead the meeting with confidence! 


From shades and lighting to audio/video solutions, Service Tech is here for all your business or residential technology needs! Connect with us here to get started on a commercial automation consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you.