A Day in The Life with Multi-Room Audio

Enjoy Your Favorite Music in Any Room of Your Westlake-Area Home

If you’re a Tolkien fan, you’ve heard the phrase, “One ring to rule them all.” But have you ever heard the phrase, “one system to rule them all?” Likely not because we just made it up, but the sentiment can apply to your audio setup just as it applied to Middle-earth!

With a multi-room audio system installed by Service Tech, you can enjoy one-tap playback and audio source control with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Keep reading below to experience a day-in-the-life with an audio setup that works in any room of your home in the Westlake area – including outside!

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Enjoy Music & Podcasts Throughout Your Whole Home

A Multi-Room Audio System Makes Your Austin-Area Property an Entertainment Oasis

What do you like to do for fun while you’re at home? Playing games with the kids, cooking, workout, crafting, and lounging by the pool are all common activities our clients enjoy. What’s one commonality between all of these things, though? They’re all enhanced with a fun soundtrack!

Imagine having your favorite music, podcast episodes, audiobook chapters, and more available in any room of your Lakeway, TX home. It’s possible with a whole-home audio system installation from the professional team at Service Tech. Read on below to learn three areas of your home you can enjoy more once you have an audio upgrade!

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