Exterior Motorized Shades Make Your Backyard the Place to Be!

Don’t Let the Heat Get to You: Automated Shades Provide the Ultimate in Comfort

Even as summer begins to wind down, the heat is still certainly kicking it up a notch. You might want to venture outdoors to take advantage of the beautiful weather – but at what cost? Overheating and annoying bugs might await you, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your outdoor amenities. We have your solution!

Exterior motorized shades can transform how you experience your Austin, TX backyard and patio areas. With this smart solution, you can avoid the worst that the great outdoors has to offer – and only bask in the luxuries of your backyard setup.

Find out more about outdoor shading by reading on below!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Motorized Shades

Your Lakeway-Area Home Has Never Looked This Good 

Take a moment to think about how your day unfolds once you wake up in your Lakeway home. An alarm clock startles you awake, you stumble out of bed to turn on a lamp or overhead light, and you bump your way around to the bathroom or closet to begin getting ready for your day. Does this sound familiar?  

Your mornings can be so much more peaceful with the introduction of motorized window treatments and automated technologies. Imagine this scenario instead: wake up peacefully as your home awakens gradually with you. Smart LED bulbs brighten gradually with a soft glow, motorized blinds open automatically to let natural sunlight stream in, and your favorite streaming station starts playing music to wake you up. 

Automated home technologies like these are just a simple tap of a button away from becoming reality. With motorized blinds and shades, you can transform your interiors while also adding a layer of luxury to your Texas home. Read on below to learn more about one of our favorite smart home solutions! Read more