A luxury kitchen featuring Lutron motorized shades.

Can You Picture a Day with Luxurious Lutron Shades?

How Lutron's Shades Can Enhance Your Life

You're sleeping peacefully under the sheets of your warm and cozy bed, your imagination wandering happily in dreamland. As the dream continues, you imagine yourself walking along a peaceful stream in the early morning as the sun rises in the east. You are in awe of nature's beauty as the sun brightens the sky, producing spectacular colors as it peaks over the horizon.

You open your eyes and see the sun has begun to shine to start another beautiful day. Your Lutron shades are slowly rising to help you greet the morning, and as the dim morning light makes its way to your bedside, you arise, ready to start the day. 

Continue reading to learn how Lutron's shades can enhance your daily living in Austin, TX.

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Product Spotlight: Lutron Triathlon Shades

This Versatile Automated Shade Solution Complements Your Austin Interiors

You’ve likely spent countless hours curating the perfect interior design motif, but some homeowners are afraid that adding technology can detract from their design aesthetic. Modern smart home technologies do not have to be clunky or cumbersome, though. With the Triathlon series of Lutron shades, you’ll be able to reduce your energy usage while also elevating the way your Austin, TX home looks and feels.

Keep reading below to learn more about the innovative Sivoia QS Triathlon line.

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