a kitchen counter with food on it illuminated by dimmed orange lights

How Lighting Design & Control Can Update Your Lifestyle

Cast your home in the best light possible by upgrading to a smart and sleek lighting system 

Just because you have “smart lights” in your home doesn’t mean you have a lighting design and control system that makes your life more luxurious. Instead of only illuminating your home, a well-thought-out lighting system creates beauty in your living spaces, promotes wellness, boosts energy efficiency, and lets you program scenes to match your mood. 

Some homeowners fail to utilize lighting design and control technology, even if they have an advanced system. Here are the top three tips to follow to get more use out of the lighting system in your home in Westlake, TX. 

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Bedroom with nightstand lamps dimly lit and motorized shades down.

Lutron Lighting Saves Energy without Sacrificing Control & Beauty

Consider These Eco-Friendly Lighting Options

Does it surprise you to learn that eco-friendly light fixtures can be beautiful and sophisticated? Lutron believes that you should be able to have both. Since 1961, they have been offering elegant lighting control solutions that save energy and money for consumers. With Lutron, you can have beauty and be environmentally friendly all at once.

In addition to saving energy, Lutron's lighting controls provide comfort and convenience to homeowners through their programmable features. Continue reading to learn more about Lutron's eco-friendly options for your Lakeway, TX, home.

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open concept living room and dining room with chandeliers overlooking an outdoor patio

Explore Lighting Fixtures That Make Your Home Stand Out

Discover What You Can Do With Stunning Fixtures From Lucifer Lighting and Service Tech

In everything we do, from whole-home lighting designs from the ground up to installing eye-catching lighting fixtures, the Service Tech team has a keen eye. This incredible attention to detail makes our team stand out from competitors in West Lake Hills and the surrounding Central Texas region. 

To discover the finer details of one of our favorite brands in the industry, keep reading below to explore Lucifer Lighting!

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Custom LED lighting installed on the steps of a staircase in the outdoor space

Illuminate Your Entire Home with Custom Linear LED Lighting

Nova Flex Linear LED Lights Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Home

LED linear lights have become increasingly popular among homeowners because of their numerous benefits. Besides consuming less energy and reducing your power bill, they also improve the aesthetics of your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Today, you’ll find many brands that produce LED lighting systems for residential spaces. But not all offer the best solutions. One of the top brands that shines brighter than other lighting manufacturers is Nova Flex. Read on to discover how Nova Flex’s custom linear LED lighting transforms your home in Lakeway, TX, into a beautifully lit space.

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What Are the Benefits of Adding Lutron Radio RA3 to Your Home?

Upgrade your home’s lighting system with the company’s premier wireless system

After the Lutron Radio RA2 system launch, homeowners considered it an integral part of their smart homes. But as technology advanced, Lutron put forth another improved model in the same series: Radio RA3. The simplified software and enhanced design options offer a more versatile and beautiful lighting control solution for homeowners in Austin, TX. If you’re not sure whether or not Lutron Radio RA3 is the right choice for your smart home, read on to learn all its benefits.

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Automate Your Home’s Lighting with the Tap of a Finger

Service Tech Brings Easy Living Solutions to West Lake Hills-Area Properties

The way your home looks and feels can help you feel relaxed at the end of a stressful day, or it can help energize you and put some pep in your step during a family get-together. Without a well-designed lighting plan, your West Lake Hills home could look dull or even make you feel on edge!

As the leading lighting designer in the Austin, TX, region, Service Tech is proud to offer exciting lighting fixtures and home lighting automation to our clients’ homes. With smart lighting control and automation, nearly every fixture in your home is manageable with just a few taps or swipes of your finger on a smart device. Learn more about this innovative technology solution for luxury homes in our blog below!

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What Can Commercial Lighting Design Do for My Business?

Service Tech Brings Innovative Solutions to Companies in Central Texas

No matter what industry you’re in, keeping your employees and clients happy is essential. Not only do you want them to be pleased with the goods and services you provide, but you want your staff and the customers you do business with to feel good, too. Wondering how you can have an influence on making that happen? One way is with lighting.

Lighting can greatly affect the mood, plus selecting energy-efficient lighting can reduce business expenses as well. Your company is of utmost priority, so treat it like the investment it is! Keep reading below to learn how commercial lighting design can change the way your Austin, TX business operates.

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Learn Why Lutron Is at the Top of The Lighting Game

Brilliant Innovation That Culminates into a Beautiful Home 

Whether you’re baking a cake worthy of a Star Baker prize in The Great British Baking Show in your kitchen or reading the latest bestseller in the living room, the lighting in your house plays a huge part in the look and feel of your home.  

Bright lighting is required when completing intricate tasks in the kitchen, but natural sunlight or brighter artificial light is necessary to read the text on the page easily. With just a tap of a finger on a smart device, you can completely change the lighting based on your needs. 

We’ve written before about the health and safety benefits of Lutron lighting. In this blog, we’ll explain three ways that the incorporation of smart lighting in your West Lake Hills-area home can make life more comfortable and convenient. Keep reading below! Read more