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Three bedroom windows featuring Lutron Motorized blinds. 

The Silent Magic of Motorized Blinds

Enjoy Stunning, Sleek, and Silent Smart Blinds in Your Home Saying Texas summers are hot would be quite an understatement, and the summer heat is often enough to drive energy…

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Closeup of a Lutron smart switch.

Lutron and the Future of Lighting Design

Bring Home the Future of Lighting Design Today with Lutron’s RadioRA3 Control System Do you ever stop to wonder what life has in store for you and your smart home? If you do,…

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a living room with gray sofas and a flat-screen LED TV on the wall

Complete Audio-Video Solutions for Luxury Homes

Make your home more enjoyable for the entire family with a whole-house AV system Who wouldn’t dream of a picture-perfect audio-video system that streams flawless visuals and sound…

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a bedroom with white sofas and black motorized shades

Rumors vs. Reality: The Truth Behind Motorized Shades

Clearing the air about motorized window treatments Motorized shades are an energy-efficient solution that adds a layer of insulation, aesthetics, and convenience to homes. But…

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A close-up of part of a room lit by pink, purple, and blue LED lights with a flat-screen TV and an in-wall speaker.

Lutron Lighting Brings Beauty, Elegance, and Fun to Your Home

Set the Mood for Every Occasion with Millions of Colors of Light There was a time when our lights consisted of soft or bright white lights. We flipped a switch, and they turned on…

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Modern living area with a flat-screen TV, view of the city, and LED-colored lights highlighting columns and the ceiling.

Choose from Over 1 million Colors with LED Full-Spectrum Lighting

Creating Breathtaking Holiday Lighting Designs with Smart Lighting Control The season of gathering with family and friends and giving thanks is upon us. No matter your holiday…

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a couple sitting on a white sofa in a living room with ambient lights

Elevate Your Lifestyle with Lighting Control

Make your home more secure, convenient, and comfortable with smart lighting Our primary goal when installing smart home technology in luxury homes is to give homeowners greater…

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How Automatic Shades Elevate Your Lifestyle

Enhance the comfort, security, and energy efficiency of your home with motorized window treatments A shading system is an essential component of every home. Without them, you’d…

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a couple dancing in a room with music playing on a speaker

A Sonos Dealer Can Make Your Home an Audiophile’s Dream

Elevate your listening experience with Sonos speakers Add more music to your life with a sound system from Sonos! Music has a considerable impact on your mood. While soothing slow…

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a bedroom with two sofas, a bed, and a rug

4 Reasons Your Home Needs Smart Shading Solutions

Boost the functionality and comfort of your home with motorized window treatments Window treatments are an essential part of every home. They provide privacy, enhance the beauty…

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