Lighting & Shades

The amount of light in a room can set the tone, accent architecture, or create a special mood. Today's buildings are tasked to balance the amount of natural light with ambient light. The "green" movement specifically targets energy consumption since utilities consist of a majority of ongoing building expenses. Service Tech engineers have been working with architects and contractors to come up with better ways to control light consumption and conserve energy. Our designers work with clients to create lighting and shade solutions that are both good for the organization as well as the environment. We have successfully completed LEED certified projects all the way up to Platinum level.

Lighting control and more

Press a button, and lights brighten while shades go down. Press another button, and the lights dim and music plays. Press another, and lights go out in your room, and all over your home. Manage multiple rooms from a single keypad, and preset levels and areas for specific events, like Party, or Away. Program certain lights to turn on or off at specific times. Control all lights in your home, automatically, from a touch panel or any mobile device.


Automate your lighting, shading, climate and more. Setting the perfect scene has never been easier.

Smart lighting makes it appear someone is home, even when you're away, by turning lights on and off throughout your house.

Adjust your shades just like your lights, with a wall switch or as part of an entire automation system.

Unsatisfied with limited choices for switches and dimmers? A wide palette of colors is available.

There's a shade style to suit your home, with many options featuring black-out capabilities to completely darken a room.

Just as there are many styles of shades, there are even more fabric choices.

Types of systems